Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Your mediation, hearing, deposition, tribunal or other proceeding can be made simpler and more cost-effective with our teleconferencing capabilities.

Remote Access

It has never been easier to conduct proceedings remotely, either by telephone, videoconference or both, saving valuable time and resources.


Reportex is fully equipped to accommodate its clients wherever they may be in the world, thereby allowing all participants to hear everyone in attendance without the need to travel to our offices. We can also arrange for live videoconferencing at a nearby location.

Remote Realtime

As a leader in court reporting technology we have the skills and technological resources to stream realtime transcripts securely over the internet in order to accommodate out-of-town parties who want to view and annotate the live transcript of proceedings instantly on their computer from the comfort of their own offices.