Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Legal Editing and Medicolegal Transcription Careers

For over 35 years Reportex has been providing court reporting and transcription services for the legal profession in British Columbia. In 2006 we expanded our services to include medicolegal transcription for court-recognized medical experts as well. If you would like to receive more information about working with Reportex, please contact us.

With the exception of our office staff, everyone who works with Reportex is a self-employed contractor. As our business grows we're always looking to hire skilled contractors for legal editing (scoping and proofing) and medicolegal transcription.

Scopers listen to an audio file while following along with a court reporter's unedited transcript and make appropriate changes to misheard words, missing words, punctuation, homophones, format, et cetera. Proofers read the scoped transcript to ensure that it is accurate and is consistent with respect to format and house style. Medicolegal transcribers type up doctors' dictation, ensuring that the finished reports are not only technically accurate and meet the requirements of the Rules of Court but also adhere to our style and format prescriptions.

What Do I Need in Order to Join the Reportex Team?

To join our team we require the following from each of our contractors:

  • A minimum of 20 hours a week to devote solely to Reportex work.

  • An excellent grasp of the general rules of punctuation.

  • An exceptional vocabulary.

  • An unwavering adherence to deadlines.

  • A non-defensive attitude towards receiving constructive feedback.

  • Strong computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word.

  • Successful completion of an initial proofreading test followed by successful completion of an evaluation period, for which you will not have to purchase any equipment or software.*

* The evaluation is done using Microsoft Word. Transcribers will be required to have a foot pedal (which can be borrowed from Reportex upon payment of a deposit, which will be refunded once the pedal is returned.)

In addition we require the following:

  • Medical Transcribers: Completion of a medical transcription program for which we will require confirmation by way of an official certificate or transcript.

  • Scopers and Proofers: Purchase of Case Catalyst software following the successful completion of the evaluation period. The cost of this program is approximately $1,600 USD, and there are leasing options available.


Working as a scopist for Reportex has given me the opportunity to work with highly skilled reporters whose quality of writing and professionalism ensure that I receive clean drafts for efficient scoping. The knowledgeable staff and attention to detail in their reference materials provide all the resources necessary to produce a quality transcript. It is a pleasure to work with such supportive and proficient people. Margot Maye, scoper

I have sincerely enjoyed working with the fantastic team at Reportex since 2009. Not only are all of the staff consistently pleasant and professional to deal with, but all account specifics and materials are provided and any questions are addressed as quickly as possible. Cheryl Madsen, medicolegal transcriber

I have been working with Reportex as a proofing contractor since 2006. The world of court reporting was new to me when I started, and I was given extensive and excellent training as well as assistance with acquiring the resources and information I needed, and all these years later that supportive relationship continues. Feedback helps me keep my skills sharp and maintain the high standards that are expected, and the Reportex commitment to a high-tech work style means that as a contractor I benefit from the introduction of new approaches and new technologies. I feel that my work is valued, and I find being part of the Reportex team professionally very satisfying. Reportex proofer