Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Court Reporting Careers

Whether you're a student or a seasoned veteran, Reportex can help you succeed as a court reporter. Click here to request more information about joining our team.

Note to court reporters: If you are moving to BC from out of province, you may want to consider becoming a member of the BC Shorthand Reporters Association.

Why Reportex? | Ask a Court Reporter | Your First 6 Months | Living & Working in Vancouver

Why Reportex?

  • Great support. From collaborative workshops and training to in-house technical support, you'll get the benefit of belonging to an established company that has spent over 30 years developing a system of tools and support for court reporters of all levels of experience. Whether you are fresh out of school or have been reporting for decades, we will assist you in developing and expanding your skills so that you can excel as a court reporter. When you represent us, we do everything in our power to help make you look good.

  • Great quality. Accuracy and consistency are paramount across all of our transcripts and reports. To this end we have spent years developing transcription and procedural manuals that provide instruction and guidance on every aspect of court reporting and transcription. Our in-house quality control managers oversee ongoing contractor support and training and they review every legal transcript and medicolegal report before it is sent to the client.

  • Great people. In addition to being excellent at what we do, we are also highly professional, personable and respectful. Our reporting team has over a century of combined experience. If you're just starting a career as a court reporter, you'll find a wealth of information in your colleagues.

  • Great offices. Most of our reporter-attended proceedings take place in our downtown Vancouver offices. Our premises were designed from scratch to suit the needs of the industry, and the result is a classy, comfortable and professional venue to hold proceedings. We are a five-minute walk from the Vancouver Law Courts and a block from both our SkyTrain stations. Our building also has underground parking for those driving in.

Living & Working in Vancouver

Moving to a new province (or even to a new city) can be daunting and intimidating. Luckily, Vancouver is a fantastic place to live and work. We're famous for our mellow winters and stunning scenery (being nestled between bays and mountains), but there's a lot more to the city than just looks. For the outdoor enthusiast Vancouver and its outlying areas offer an abundance of activities year-round: jog the seawall around Stanley Park, go kayaking or windsurfing at Jericho Beach, hike or rock climb in Squamish, take a ferry over to Victoria on Vancouver Island or down to the San Juan Islands in the States or hop a bus to Whistler or Kelowna to hit the slopes.

We're not just about the outdoor life, though, Vancouver also boasts world-class shopping, dining and nightlife. Whether you're cruising Robson Street for the perfect little black dress or digging through record crates on Main Street for the perfect vinyl, the city has virtually everything you could possibly want to shop for. Fill up at one of our many fine dining establishments or just grab a bite at one of the numerous places around town that sell the wonderfully fresh and inexpensive sushi for which our city is known. No matter what kind of cuisine you crave (from Indian to Thai to Mexican to barbecue), we have it. One of the hardest decisions to make is which tempting downtown food truck to try out next for lunch. When you're ready to go out on the town there's always something happening, regardless of whether your taste leans toward the symphony or toward a 2:00 a.m. DJ set at one of our many nightclubs. For an in-depth look at the city’s art, culture, food and shopping scene we suggest you take a look at the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver picks.

One of the best things about living in Vancouver is that you really don't need a car to get around. Our offices are a block from the SkyTrain stations, fast, efficient rapid transit lines that whisk you from the suburbs to downtown before you’ve finished your morning coffee. If you're travelling somewhere less central, the city's bus system can get you anywhere you need to go and runs late into the night. There's also an extensive network of co-op car rentals and bike routes that make pedal-powered transit safe and fun.

If you have any questions about life in the city, feel free to send us an e-mail. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have, whether you're looking for housing or just really good sushi.

Your First Six Months
Click here for an essay by one of Reportex's newest reporters


"I always enjoy coming into work"

I moved from Edmonton to Vancouver in the spring of 2014, and Christy took me under her wing at Reportex. I already had a lot on my mind like finding an apartment and furniture and hooking up hydro, and it's true that once you are out of school there is a huge learning curve, so having a mentor provide one-on-one training at work helped take some of the stress off my back.
   Before I could start working I needed to get my designation for BC and all of my start-up equipment. Once I had my equipment, I shadowed reporters on a couple of discoveries while I waited for my designation to be approved. When it was time to fly solo for the first time, I felt surprisingly calm! I always worried about my writing, and for some reason it was way better than it was in school. Christy would scope my transcripts with me to help me get to know the style and format requirements that are particular to BC (and to our firm). There's a lot to learn and some stuff you have to unlearn (for example, I was sad to say goodbye to the Oxford comma!) Thankfully, we have a quality control manager. She reviews everyone's finished product to help catch style/format errors, and she sends me feedback about things I've missed or I need to make note of. We also have an online Reportex “Wikipedia” into which you can type whatever you want to look up, and it gives you instructions of how to format your transcript. Reportex has a lot of staff and resources that are helpful to both new reporters and seasoned reporters who join our team.
   I always enjoy coming into work. The vibe with my co-workers is friendly and relaxed. Oh, and Vancouver is great. I Iive downtown next to a beach, and I can walk to work without my eyelashes sticking together! I've been here almost a year now, and I still have to use Google Maps to find just about everything, but I'm so happy I made the move, and I feel right at home with Reportex.

"They have been critical to my success"

From my first phone conversation with the owner, Christy, when I was just considering embarking on the road to becoming a court reporter, to this day they have been critical to my success. Back then I was skeptical of investing the time and money into a career that I knew little about, but Christy spent the time to assure me that it was a worthy investment.
   I graduated from Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies through their online program just over two years later but not before interning at Reportex and gaining approximately 100 hours of hands-on experience by shadowing court reporters in examinations for discovery, trials, arbitrations and hearings. Reportex allowed me to be as close to being the official reporter as possible, which really helped calm the nerves when I finally started working.
   I am extremely grateful for all the time Christy in particular has put into helping me. Whether it was advice on purchasing equipment, help with obtaining my reporting designation in BC and getting my court services contract in place, field trips to court or even rescoping my work in the beginning to ensure I didn’t make embarrassing errors (and there would have been a few), Christy has helped me every step of the way and continues to do so. It’s great working for a firm where I feel comfortable asking my employer for help with my work, especially in the beginning of my career, and it’s even better to get such high-quality above-and-beyond feedback when I do.