Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Considering becoming a court reporter? If you like hard work, competitive pay and the opportunity to set your own hours, this might be the career for you. Although the training is rigorous, all of Reportex’s contractors love what they do, and court reporters are always in high demand.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

NAIT is currently the only facility in Canada that offers a court reporting program, and many of BC's court reporters are graduates. Their two-year captioning and court reporting program operates out of their Edmonton, Alberta, campus.

Reportex is proud to support NAIT students. We currently sponsor two bursaries for the court reporting program: the Reportex Award of Excellence in Technology (available to students who have demonstrated excellence in technology skills in the first year of the program) and the Reportex Captioning and Court Reporting Scholarship, awarded on the basis of top academic achievement to students enrolled in the second year of the captioning and court reporting program at NAIT. These bursaries are awarded after year 1 and year 2 studies.

Other Requirements

Though it can be very lucrative, court reporting is also a very demanding occupation, requiring excellence in speed and accuracy using a shorthand machine. For some students, it can take several additional months beyond the two-year program (even up to an extra year) for them to achieve the graduation speed requirements. In addition to the high level of technical skill required, court reporters must also invest in costly equipment and software. The shorthand writer costs several thousand dollars, and the software which translates steno strokes into written English is equally expensive.

To get an idea of the investment you will be required to make in addition to the cost of training, please visit Stenograph's website.