Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Court Transcripts & Reasons for Judgment

What is "DARS"?

Why do I sometimes see the notation "[indiscernible]" in transcripts prepared from audio recordings?

Why do I sometimes see the notations "[phonetic]" and "[sic]" in transcripts prepared from audio recordings?

Will the registry give me the CD of the proceedings so I can make my own transcript?

Why am I charged for the original court transcript but I only receive a copy?

I ordered a transcript of the complete proceedings, but the reasons for judgment weren't included with the transcript I received. Why is that?

Can I receive a draft copy of the reasons for judgment?

Why does it take so long for me to receive the final reasons for judgment?

Will the reasons for judgment be posted on a website somewhere?

Can proceedings from a case planning conference (CPC) or a trial management conference (TMC) be transcribed?

How many pages will my transcript be?

Realtime & Draft Transcripts

What is realtime reporting?

How does realtime reporting work?

What qualifications should I expect from my realtime reporter?

What equipment and software do I need to receive a realtime feed?

Can I request a draft transcript without requesting realtime reporting?

What is the value to me in using realtime reporting?

Will the judge be provided with a realtime feed, and if so, is there any charge for this service?

Is it possible for me to inadvertently delete any of the text if I hit the wrong key on my laptop during a realtime session?

What happens if I notice mistakes in the realtime transcript during the proceedings?

What is the gibberish that I sometimes see on my screen during a realtime proceeding?

Will I receive a "cleaned-up" transcript following the proceedings?

Is there anything I can do to help limit the errors in a realtime transcript?

Can I quote from the draft realtime transcript during court proceedings?

Will certified copies of draft realtime transcripts be provided?

What is remote realtime?