Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Office Staff

Our professional and friendly office staff will be pleased to assist you with your bookings, orders and inquiries.

Christy L. Pratt, RCR RPR CLR
Owner and Realtime Reporter

Contact Christy for:

  • realtime workshop inquiries
  • lunch & learn inquiries
  • medicolegal transcription inquiries

Jennifer Courtney
Client Services Coordinator

Contact Jennifer for:

  • booking inquiries
  • back orders
  • mediation catering

Tiffany Percival
Legal Quality Controller

Contact Tiffany for:

  • transcript quality inquiries
  • information about transcription and transcript editing

Max K.
Office Systems Coordinator

Contact Max for:

  • remote depositions
  • website inquiries & tech support
  • system requirements for realtime

Janette Cowles
Office Manager

Contact Janette for:

  • realtime reporting inquiries
  • American deposition inquiries
  • video/teleconferencing inquiries

Kimberly Allen
Audio Transcription Manager

Contact Kim for:

  • ordering a court transcript
  • ordering reasons for judgment
  • appeal book preparation inquiries

Louise Kennedy
Medicolegal Quality Controller

Contact Louise for:

  • medicolegal transcription inquiries
  • IME report inquiries
  • medical QC inquiries

Nye Mohammed
Catering Coordinator

Contact Nye for:

  • nutrition inquiries
  • recipe inquiries
  • NOTE: our receptionist handles all requests for catered lunch.