Are you a doctor struggling to comply with BC's IME report format or a lawyer who needs to get a medicolegal report transcribed? You might benefit from our IME transcription services.

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Considering using Reportex for your next discovery, trial, mediation or transcription order? The following comments are from just a few of Reportex's many satisfied clients:

Realtime Reporting

Since 1992 Reportex has provided both me and my clients with top-quality professional court reporting services at very competitive rates. Throughout my legal career as a barrister, I have used Reportex’s services for preparation of appeal books, transcription of interviews, reporting of examination for discovery evidence and the provision of realtime reporting on a number of lengthy, complex judge-alone and jury trials.
    In the fall of 2013, Reportex provided realtime reporting to me and my co-counsel for a civil jury trial resulting from a claim by a plaintiff who was catastrophically injured in a police-involved shooting. Prior to the start of that trial, Christy Pratt personally came to my law office at no additional cost to ensure that my computer hardware/software was realtime ready. On the first day of the jury trial and for 23 trial days thereafter, Reportex diligently ensured that my computer was properly configured and that the realtime feed was working. Any technical glitches were immediately resolved by the realtime reporter assigned to my trial, who at all times was professional, courteous, technically skilled and amazingly accurate. At the end of each trial day and before I had even returned to my office, there was an accurate electronic draft of the day’s proceedings waiting for me in my e-mail inbox. In addition to these in-court services, Reportex also provide me with unbridled after-hours technical support.
    I have been so pleased with the exceptional quality of the services from Reportex that I recently retained Christy and her team to provide me with realtime services for a 20-week multi-party trial scheduled to start in September 2014. I have no hesitation giving Reportex my highest recommendation to any firm in need of professional, reliable, proactive and responsive court reporting services.

Avon Mersey, QC Christy attended as the realtime reporter for a two-week trial I conducted for a major insurance client in December 2011. Her accurate and timely daily transcripts were essential to how we handled the case. Christy came to our office prior to the trial commencing to make sure that our system was compatible with hers in order to prevent technical issues and potential downtime on the first day of trial. She also demonstrated how we could use the realtime transcripts more effectively for cross-examination and for final argument, which was a huge time saver and also guaranteed that we were accurate in quoting the evidence. Christy ensured that our judge received the realtime feed and certified transcripts so that he could focus not only on what the witnesses were saying but also on their demeanour in the witness box, which was particularly valuable for us as credibility was one of the most critical issues in this case.

Frank G. Potts For the past fifteen years or so, I have used the services of Reportex Agencies more times than I can count for Examinations for Discovery, Depositions, and especially for realtime reporting on complex multi-party commercial and fraud trials.
    I have continued to do that because, especially since 2006, when Christy Pratt took over, all of the staff there are professional and courteous, highly motivated, technically sound, exceedingly knowledgeable about the necessary hardware and the effective use and operation of all types of realtime software, are willing and capable of teaching first time and infrequent users, often judges, how to properly use the features available, and know how to get the most out of the systems.
    They are very service oriented and will do what is necessary to meet your reporting needs. Over the years, I have had frequent occasion to call Christy on very short notice and Reportex has never failed to provide me with the reporting services I required, when I required them.
    Their reporters provide first rate, timely, and accurate realtime transcripts and will generally have the day's draft transcript in your in-box before you return from court, and a final dead-accurate version a short time after. They handle fast talkers--both witnesses and counsel--with aplomb in circumstances where lesser reporters have to constantly interrupt the witness in order to keep up. That ability is crucial where credibility is a serious issue and cross examination is aggressively pursued.
   It is not common to do trials with 14 or more defendants, all having similar or identical names, with the witnesses' oral evidence being simultaneously translated into, for example, Vietnamese and Cantonese. I have done a number of such trials using Christy and her other reporters and they were totally unfazed. Notwithstanding the numerous challenges such chaotic trials bring, I knew that I could count on them to provide accurate transcripts each and every day and to promptly and efficiently deal with any software or other issues that arose.
    Bottom line, they have the resources and expertise to provide first rate reporting and realtime services for pretty much any trial that comes up, no matter how complex or long it is, and no matter what lead time they are given. I couldn't recommend them more.

I participated in a five week hearing at Reportex in 2013 using their realtime reporting services. I would not hesitate to recommend Reportex for both standard and realtime reporting and, based on my experience at this five week hearing, my office group now treats Reportex as the preferred service provider. The reporters and staff are very pleasant and their service and technical support are all superlative. Reportex will actually come to your office to provide the technical support necessary to install realtime reporting software on your laptop and do the advance legwork to ensure a smooth running operation at the hearing itself. The realtime itself was very accurate and the turnaround time for the uncertified and certified versions was outstanding. The boardrooms and facilities are very professional, comfortable and tasteful and can accommodate large or small groups and very nicely facilitate open sessions and private caucusing (or witness preparation etc.). It is quite obvious how much thought and care goes into their refreshments and the amazing variety of impressive snacks and fresh baking -- all of which reflects the collegial atmosphere at Reportex and makes the visitor feel quite at home.

I have used Reportex for realtime reporting on both short and lengthy/complex matters (at arbitration and at trial) and have always had a very positive experience with their service. Prior to trial, Reportex ensures that your computer is configured properly and will attend at your office if necessary to teach you how to use the software. They have even provided laptops and iPads for our use during the proceedings. Their realtime transcript is very accurate, and cleaned up transcripts are provided promptly each evening so that you can make use of them. In my experience they appoint one reporter, ensuring that names and technical terms are spelled consistently across the transcripts. Certified transcripts are also provided promptly. The staff are very knowledgeable about realtime and are friendly and accessible should something go wrong. I have no hesitation in recommending Reportex for realtime reporting.

Reporting and Transcription for Aboriginal Litigation

Louise Mandell, QC I had the privilege of working with Ms. Pratt in preparing elders' depositions in an action involving aboriginal title and rights. I was impressed by her dedication to detail -- especially in the recording of words spoken in the indigenous language, which required attention to spelling in the transcripts. She was prompt in the delivery of both realtime and final transcripts. I have no hesitation in recommending her services for aboriginal title and rights litigation.

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson We have worked with Ms. Pratt since 2009 conducting depositions in a major Aboriginal rights and title case. We have been very pleased with the services of Reportex, who have consistently provided accurate and timely service. In each instance Ms. Pratt and her colleagues were able to accurately record testimony from plaintiffs in their indigenous language. It was a great benefit to have daily access to draft transcripts for counsel and the court speller. Reportex goes the extra mile to assist all counsel at depositions. We also appreciated her visit to our office to demonstrate additional features of Summation and connections with digital projections of evidence. Ms. Pratt and her colleagues are friendly and establish a rapport with witnesses and support contractors at depositions, which does not go unnoticed. We have no hesitation to recommend Reportex.

Kenneth J. Tyler I have no hesitation in recommending Reportex Agencies, and Christy Pratt in particular, for their exceptional proficiency in providing real-time reporting services in litigation relating to First Nations. Reportex has provided real-time transcripts in several major cases in which I have been involved over the past 7 years, and I have never failed to be impressed with the level of accuracy of the initial real-time transcripts and with the shortness of the turn-around between the end of a day's hearing and the time when counsel is e-mailed the first corrected version of the transcript for review. Christy's work is all the more impressive when it is understood that the cases in which I have observed her in action generally have involved testimony from Aboriginal elders and required the mastery of many words from indigenous languages that formed an integral part of the trial record. With the assistance of tribal word-spellers, she developed extensive vocabularies in different Aboriginal languages which were smoothly incorporated into the daily transcripts with little trouble or confusion.

I have been extremely fortunate to have had Christy Pratt provide reporting services on two major aboriginal rights and title cases. A challenge on both of these cases was that they included significant amounts of testimony in the native languages of the plaintiffs’ witnesses, with each of those languages being transcribed in accordance with complex orthographies. In each case Christy made a difficult task look effortless. Not only does she produce perfectly accurate transcripts very quickly, but through her use of realtime software she is able to provide a highly readable electronic draft transcript almost instantaneously. This is a great aid to counsel examining witnesses, particularly since Christy is able to capture testimony that may not even be audible to the rest of us that are listening. Add to this her great charm and her technical troubleshooting abilities, and it is easy to see why Christy is in such high demand among counsel!

Court Reporting

Christy always does first class work, on time, and with a smile. It's simply not possible to expect more than Christy delivers, consistently.

Reportex offers the most professional and friendly reporting service.


Alan Schapiro, Mediator My first mediation at Reportex was a large, multi-party affair. Everyone found the facilities excellent – tastefully decorated and solidly soundproofed. The service at all times was sensitive to the clients' needs and extremely prompt and helpful. And the meal was superb! These qualities contributed in no small measure to creating an ambience in which the participants stayed relaxed, which is not only conducive but also essential to settlement.

I have done many mediations at Reportex. I have never had a bad experience; in fact quite the opposite. The reception staff is friendly and efficient in ensuring that messages from latecomers are promptly relayed to the mediator. Support essentials such as photocopying, teleconferencing equipment and soundproofing of the rooms as well as the Rules of Court and other useful texts are all solidly in place. The conference rooms are welcoming and fresh yet maintain business decorum. The food is famous. It all adds up to a pleasant environment where I can fully focus on the job at hand; a place where my clients and I can put our best foot forward professionally. I always look forward to mediations at Reportex.

John MacInnes, Mediator Whenever I am retained to conduct a mediation at Reportex, I am pleased. The facilities are second to none; professional and comfortable, which is important to put the parties at ease. The meeting and breakout rooms are tastefully appointed, impeccably maintained and, most importantly, properly soundproofed. The staff are amiable and accommodating to everyone’s needs. Reportex also provides a very comfortable lounge for mediators to use while their parties confer in private. The food at Reportex is superb; healthy AND delicious ... something not always easy to achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending the facilities and the service provided by Reportex.

I work for a busy Vancouver mediator and consequently book a lot of mediations. I would recommend Reportex Agencies to anyone looking for well-appointed, tidy, comfortable meeting rooms to conduct either mediations or discoveries. I appreciate Reportex's attention to detail and our clients do as well, as they specifically request to have their booking made with Reportex.

Brian Gibbard, Mediator I have mediated many matters at Reportex, and its facilities and staff leave the participants free to focus on resolving disputes.

The food is consistently made to a very high quality and is always interesting. Reportex provides an excellent venue for mediations.

Legal Transcription and Appeal Books

The team from Reportex has always provided exceptional service to any requests I have made. I am always treated as if my request is the most important request of the day. I appreciate how the services requested are always delivered in the timeframe promised and are a complete and accurate product. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our profession.

"Dependable," "efficient," "accommodating" and "exceptional" are just a few words I would use to describe the transcription team at Reportex. David and his amazing team have gone above and beyond for me on numerous occasions. Their turn-around time is superb and the quality of service impeccable. During a busy holiday season, a huge problem arose halting an appeal request; Reportex contacted me after hours to work out a solution. Their commitment to providing exceptional and professional service is the reason I would not use any other company for my transcription and court reporting needs.

Workshops and Lunch & Learns

Christy Pratt is the consummate professional. She provides the highest quality of transcription skills and very fast production of transcripts, but her skills and ability go far beyond that of court reporting. Christy presented a "Lunch & Learn" to lawyers at our firm on the dos and don’ts of conducting a discovery from a court reporter’s perspective. She provided excellent resource materials that she authored, and her presentation was of value to lawyers at all levels of practice. In addition to court reporting services, Reportex also provides excellent boardroom facilities. The offices are centrally located and very well suited to mediation. The only complaint I have is that I eat far too many of the delicious snacks and lunch provided.

Medicolegal Transcription

Dr. Derryk Smith Reportex Agencies Ltd. has been doing all of my independent medical examination transcribing and report generating for the past five years. I am extremely pleased with their competent service. They truly do go out of their way to go the extra mile, particularly for matters involving tight deadlines. This is a company with significant depth in that the principal of the company is an experienced court reporter who understands many of the legal requirements for the content and format of medical expert reports. They also have a number of transcriptionists and editors as well as a transcription manager who organizes the smooth flow of report generation from receiving new dictation files until the finished product is delivered on your behalf. I can recommend them without reservation for looking after your transcription needs, particularly in regards to independent medical examination reports.

Dr. Mark FrobbMedical doctors are generally good at what they do, but they may not clearly present their knowledge in a helpful way to lawyers, judges and juries within the medicolegal arena. Christy Pratt and Reportex Agencies will quickly and efficiently identify deficiencies, inconsistencies and ambiguities in your medicolegal reports and will guide you towards a writing style that reflects the professional quality you want to present.

Dr. Kevin Solomons Reportex has been extremely helpful in establishing an efficient transcription system for my large IME practice. Christy Pratt’s analysis, feedback and recommendations for my report format and structure from her years of court reporting experience and extensive knowledge of the court requirements were invaluable. Urgent turnaround times are always graciously accommodated and their administrative service is remarkably flawless. I regard Reportex as an important partner in my medicolegal practice.

Many BC physicians are weary of working long hours in their clinical practices and wonder how to establish or expand an IME practice. For experienced clinicians who are interested in transitioning to medicolegal work, I highly recommend the transcription and editing services offered by Reportex. Christy’s extensive experience as a court reporter and her unique blend of medical and legal knowledge is evident in the individual report-writing coaching and the professional development advice that she provides to her clients. Her staff is well trained and professional and the reports are flawless, well structured and court ready.